Skills & Abilities

Founder/CEO, Managing Partner, Head Instructor

SWAT, Patrol, AR/M4-type Platforms, Tactical Pistol, Tactical Rifle, Bail Enforcement and Recoveries

Dale is a former Marine and 28+ year veteran of law enforcement with the Anaheim and Tumwater Police Departments. Dale’s assignments have included, D.A.R.E, firearms instructor, field training officer and Active Shooter Training officer. 

During Dale’s career, he has been assigned to the Thurston County SWAT team and the Thurston County Narcotics Task Force. He was 10 years on the SWAT team and was lead firearms instructor.  One of Dale’s responsibilities while on the Narcotics task force was tactical and entry training for his fellow undercover detectives.

Dale is currently on the Thurston County Critical Incident Stress Management Team and was the team leader for several years. He is also a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent in Washington State.

Dale wholeheartedly believes in “Team” and leads from the front.  He has selected the members of Troubleshooter Tactical for their expertise and experience.  He believes a leader and team are only as good as its members and this philosophy is passed on to our students.Dale and the Troubleshooter team have hand-picked the best instructors in the region.  They are all seasoned law enforcement and military vets with many years of firearms and tactical experience.  

Dale Elliott

Olympia, WA, United States