Olympia, WA, United States

Troubleshooter Tactical is an advanced training group dedicated to providing top notch firearms training and education.  We provide basic through advanced firearms and tactical training utilizing live fire, force on force and simulated shoot no shoot scenario based training.

A large part of our training is focused on safety.  This includes safe handling, safe storage and safe concealed carry of all types of handguns and rifles.  

At Troubleshooter Tactical we want to train Thinkers before Shooters.  Our philosophy is that your body can't go where your mind hasn't been, we must train our mind in sound tactics and the body will follow.  With a crawl, walk, run philosophy, we start with the basics and move to more advanced concepts and training through a progression of classes. Each of our classes is stand alone dependent on the students previous training and abilities but they can also be taken consecutively from basic through advanced.   

​​We also offer live fire courses in more advanced topics and skill sets like; Defensive Handgun I & II, Defensive Rifle/SBR I & II, Tactical Shotgun I & II, etc.   These courses cover reload and malfunction clearing, transition from rifle to handgun, low light environments, drawing from IWB/OWB, Multiple threats, Austere shooting positions and One handed/Weak side weapon manipulations and much more. 

Our goal at Troubleshooter Tactical is to train students to be safe and

comfortable with handguns and other weapon systems. To give them the mindset and skill set to feel confident in any situation they may find themselves.    

In the business of saving lives,

through safe and effective training. 

"Best training I have ever had." ~ M. Anderson

​"​​I recently went through the Ladies Only Fire Arms training and was very impressed. I went in with hardly any experience and walked out feeling much more confident and capable. The class is a great way to learn the basics with experienced professionals and have fun. I'm looking forward to attending their advanced classes in the future. I highly recommend this class."  ~ R. Garman

"As a seasoned firearms handler, I have been looking for that extra training that will make me better. Troubleshooter Tactical provides just that, with a think before you shoot mentality. The simulator training is an excellent tool as well." ~ C. Johnson